approx internet kft.

Company history

2006 - Our company makes its services under name Approx-Internet Ltd. We make high level of services through our updated website.

2004 - The number of servers operated by our company increased and from now on we make name- server service, as well. We also increased our hosting services, so we can ensure an accessible hosting service for everyone. Our company took part in more and more webprojects as a subcontractor, so today we can pride ourselves with lots of websites made on our own, as well as, with plenty of webpages publicated by our partner companies.

2003 - The company operated its first internet server on which first of all websites made by Approx got place.

2002 - From this year on, our company started to deal exclusively with internet application development, making portal systems, webimage planning and making flash animations.

2000 - Our company is opened to internet developments. This time the company's period ended in which we developed only desktop services.

1998 - We founded Approx Számítástechnikai és Szolgáltató Betéti Társaság with participation of four individuals in order to offer informatics services. During the first 4 years, the company made desktop and hardware services and also dealt with sales of PC configurations.

[ present ]

We create websites by application of the usual internet high-technologies. We continuously develop our hosting service in order to provide the most possible comfortable solutions for our clients.

[ our mission ]

Our aim is to become a market-leader company where after a completed business each member is satisfied and enjoys the result of collective work. It is collective work, because our technicians are in constant connection with the owners of the web page and they can have voice in the developments.

Our company puts back most of the income into the business, this way insuring a dynamic development. We believe that only this way can we offer the highest quality of service for our clients.

We seriously think that the image of our company depends not only upon the quality of our work, but also upon our relationship with the clients on the long term. This is why we involve them into the work process. we pay big emphasis on having a maximum attention on our clients from the moment they contact us untill the time we finish the ordered work.

Website solutions:

- KAT-25 website from 120 Euro basic price
- KAT-65 website from 290 Euro basic price
- KAT-130 website from 640 Euro basic price
- HIGH-150 website from 1 000 Euro basic price
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