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Website of your own in 3 steps:

Providing hosting, domain name registration

- Our company helps you to choose and register the "internet address" ( domain name )
- Among our offers, you can find the right size of hosting for your website

What does it mean "domain name"?

It is actually the "internet address" of the web-site.

How can I have my own domain name?

You have to register an adequate domain name for you which is still available.

Requested domain name:  

We can help you to start the registration procedure.

- Domain name application form

What does it mean hosting, webhosting?

If you have a website, you have to locate it on a computer which is connected to the internet in 24 hours and is suitably quick. This is called server. Our company has the necessary equipments, so you can place your website on our server.

Webhosting providing:

- WEB-Pack akciós webtárhely
- Tárhely és Support

creating a website

- You can choose the most adequate web - site from predetermined categories
- We make unique web –sites , as well

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Website managing

- We guarantee the continuous access of your website
- We help your work with continuous innovations

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Website of your own in 3 steps:

- 1. step providing storage, domain name registration
- 2. step creating a website
- 3. step Website managing

Website solutions:

- KAT-25 website from 120 Euro basic price
- KAT-65 website from 290 Euro basic price
- KAT-130 website from 640 Euro basic price
- HIGH-150 website from 1 000 Euro basic price

- Our references

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