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Website of your own in 3 steps:

Providing hosting, domain name registration

- Our company helps you to choose and register the "internet address" ( domain name )
- Among our offers, you can find the right size of hosting for your website

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creating a website

- You can choose the most adequate web - site from predetermined categories
- We make unique web –sites , as well

What does it mean "webpage" ?

Very simply, website, webpage, web-place mean the same. Those pages which you reach on the internet are called websites.

How can I have my own website?

If somebody is competent in HTML, he/she can make a simple webpage. But if you would like a website that is special and more complicated, you need appropriate programs and knowledge for it. Naturally, the easiest way is to assign us to make you a website.

Website solutions:

- KAT-25 website from 120 Euro basic price
- KAT-65 website from 290 Euro basic price
- KAT-130 website from 640 Euro basic price
- HIGH-150 website from 1 000 Euro basic price

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Website managing

- We guarantee the continuous access of your website
- We help your work with continuous innovations

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Website of your own in 3 steps:

- 1. step providing storage, domain name registration
- 2. step creating a website
- 3. step Website managing

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Webhosting provides:

- WEB-Pack akciós webtárhely
- Tárhely és Support

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